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Our First Aid at Work Courses

We run a wide range of first aid at work certificates, including a half-day refresher and a 1-Day 1st aid at work requalification. The most common courses we run are the 1-day level 3 emergency FAW course, followed closely by the 3-day level 3 training course, which is split between 2 days face-to-face and the third day online. Last of all, we have a combined FAW & paediatric 1-day level 3 training course.

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What these courses cover

Also know as FAW Courses

These courses cover a broad range of disciplines. You will learn the first aid skills and knowledge required by workplace first aiders. You will finish the course as a qualified first aider. You will equip yourself to save lives in the workplace and ensure people work in a safe environment, whether high-risk or otherwise.

We make sure you can respond to emergency situations and are safe to be a First Aider. Training for 1st aid needs assessment to ensure your 1st aid provision is up to scratch. assessing your First Aid knowledge using multiple choice question papers and practical assessments of your First Aid skills.

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How these courses are delivered

Our expertise right to your door

Our courses are run throughout East Anglia. This includes Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire. Training courses can be delivered at the employer’s or organisation’s premises. If you are an individual or a small group looking for a training course, we can arrange for you to join a group session.

Select a course that suits your needs; such as an Emergency First Aid at Work training (EFAW), or a FAW / Paediatric combined course and we will deliver to the place and standards required. 

We are flexible over the dates of your courses. When you fill in the enquiry form, you can select a preferred date. We will then be in touch to discuss your options further.

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Why have your own in-house first aider

The courses covers a broad range of disciplines. You will receive the skills, knowledge and 1st aid certificate required for workplace first aiders. This goes for new qualifications, requalifications or an annual refresher. See information below about the Safety Executive HSE vs Ofqual.

Reduce Injuries

Reducing workplace injuries by having an on-site first aider brings a number of benefits in its self. Averting serious injuries means no loss of productivity and staff absence.

In-house Skills

Have your own employees trained up as qualified first aiders. Equip your team with the training to be confident when handling workplace first aid emergency situations enabling them to save lives.

Save Lives

The emotional fall-out from a death in the workplace can be devastating to employees and employer. First aid isn't just about bandaging cuts and bruises. Ultimately, it's about saving lives.

Team Building

Out courses require your staff to work together as a team. Because they are acquiring a useful life skill, they get to bond over a positive experience. This bond benefits the employer.

Why Ofqual Matters

There are now 2 choices of awarding bodies for your first aid qualification.

Employers now have a legal requirement to undertake due diligence on their chosen training provider. They are now directly responsible for the quality and type of training they choose to undertake. Be aware that HSE (Health and Safety Executives/Safety Executive HSE) certification may not meet your obligations.

Regulated OFQUAL 1st aid training courses are the only ones that we recommend.

Ofqual accredited
Government Regulated

With Ofqual-regulated first aid courses, you do not have to prove the competency of your chosen trainer. OFQUAL registration guarantees the required standards, meaning you meet your legal responsibilities.

HSE Approved course
No Awarding Body

Without Ofqual regulation, you are now required to complete your own checks on the training organisation and their trainers. 

If this is not done, you will not meet your legal responsibilities

Do you require Blended Learning?

The 21st-century way for you to meet your legal requirements for the health & Safety First Aid Act.

Take part of your training online, reducing your time in the classroom. 

This also means that less time is lost to travel. This allows you to study first aid theory at your own pace. The practical modules are then delivered in the classroom, face-to-face with one of our trainers.

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