Level 3, Paediatric First Aid Course – 2 Day

Course overview

This is our 2 day paediatric first aid course.

This 2 day paediatric first aid course is a blended course, split beteween one day with the trainer and one day on-line.

Blended training means a mixture of Self-directed E Learning (6 hours), followed by face-to-face hands-on training with an instructor (6 hours).

Total duration of the Blended Paediatric First Aid Course is 12 Hours.

The One Day EPFA course is suitable for low-risk childcare settings.


This is a Regulated qualification overseen by Ofqual and meets the requirements of Ofsted and EYFS First Aid.

We will ensure that you, as an employer, have met the national standards and that training in legal terms is, suitable and sufficient.

Ofsted do not directly approve First Aid courses and to claim to run a course that is Ofsted approved is false and can carry significant ramifications for the training provider involved.

However, those looking for Ofsted-approved training should look for a course that is Regulated Qualification (RQF).

If you use a non-RQF training provider, the setting must evidence the checks they have undertaken to check the trainer is suitably qualified and hold evidence of the trainer’s qualifications and all course material.

(RQF) Qualifications meet the needs of OfstedThe First Aid Requirements can be found in Annex A – search www.gov.uk/ and Registration requirements here.

Who is it for?

This course is suitable for any person working in a school or nursery, including teachers and childminders.

Workplace First Aid Courses are concerned with adult workers who need First Aid Training under the Health and Safety Executive and the First Aid Regulations 1981.

These courses are normally the One Day EFAW or the Three Day FAW.

Additionally, First Aid training for School staff can involve staff needing to be trained in both workplace First Aid (HSE) and Paediatric First Aid (Ofsted).

We also deliver a Combined Emergency First Aid at Work and Paediatric Course. This course is for people working in schools that require both qualifications for workplaces (HSE) and for children (Ofsted).

Course Delivery

We will send you an email with login details to access the e-Learning platform.

The learner will then log in and complete the on-lone module. This covers the theory required before the practical module, for example, the aims of First Aid.

Session 1 – The on-line module allows you to study at your own speed. Videos and quizzes are included to help you as you progress through each topic.

Each learner will receive a PDF Manual (PDF) to be downloaded and kept for future reference.

Session 2 – Once the online First Aid modules of the Paediatric First Aid Training have been completed, our friendly trainer will arrive at your workplace to complete the hands-on topics of First Aid.

Course content

Session 1 – Theory… We make sure you can respond to emergencies and are safe to be a Paediatric First Aider by assessing you using multiple choice question papers and practical assessments of your First Aid skills.

Session 2 – CPR and AED, and in the safe use of Adrenaline Auto-Injectors (AAI) for anaphylaxis.

The list is not exhaustive but may form an element of your risk assessments and early years foundation stage requirements.

Anaphylaxis Training

Schools must arrange specialist anaphylaxis training for staff where a pupil in the school has been diagnosed as being at risk of anaphylaxis. The specialist training should include practical instruction in how to use the different AAI devices available. Online resources and introductory e-learning modules can be found although this is NOT a substitute for face-to-face training.

Guidance on the Use of Adrenaline Auto Injectors in SchoolsDepartment of Health (2015)

Educational trips

Persons employed in forestry need to think about additional risks from working outside in the natural environment, such as injury or illness. Ask yourself, would you know what to do?

Be sure as an employer the training provider has met a national standard and training in legal terms is, suitable and sufficient.

Please contact us for any further details or prices for our training courses.

What is Blended Learning?

Bended learning splits your course between online and classroom sessions. It also meets your legal requirements for the health & Safety First Aid Act.

Blended learning offers more flexibility for our courses. Take part of your training online, reducing your time in the classroom. This also means that less time is lost to travel. You can study first aid theory at your own pace before you complete the practical modules are then delivered in the classroom, face-to-face with one of our trainers.

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