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First Aid Training For Groups


Training 999 can arrange on site first aid training for groups in Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex, and Cambridgeshire.

Group first aid training can be arranged quickly and productively allowing your business to continue with no interruptions.

All our EFAW, FAW, and Paediatric courses together with all our other courses can be delivered at your location.

Onsite First Aid Training

The benefits of group CPR and group first aid training include a familiar environment for learners, with others they know, this can lead to a far more enjoyable first aid course for learners and help learners attain more knowledge and skills that may one day help save a life.

Group first aid courses are a cost-effective way to have First Aid training delivered at a date and time that meets your needs.

We like the sound of this, what do you need to make this happen?

Thats great!, All we need for onsite CPR training is a suitable room with space for people to move around in with good lighting and ventilation.

The room should be suitable for people to move around in during the practical aspects of the course, such as recovery position, if you imagine that your premises have enough room for this, then contact us for group first aid courses.

We have all the equipment needed to provide onsite first aid training for groups such as projector, projector screens, CPR manikins, and Catastrophic haemorrhage training equipment suitable for those that need to know how to stop bleeding fast. Laptops, tablets, AED training, Anaphylaxis or what is known as EpiPen training equipment.

Our mobile trainers have the mobile and technical equipment to provide you first the private first aid training that you need.

School First Aid

First aid for teachers particularly benefits from group first aid courses, a familiar environment with other teachers makes for a purposeful training environment and training experience, when delivered with our Combined FAW and Paediatric course.

Over three days first aid for teachers learn the skills covered in the comprehensive First Aid at Work course required to deliver First Aid in the Workplace plus the First Aid Skills needed for Paediatric First Aid under the requirements for Ofsted.

Group first aid courses are gaining in demand in the current climate as organizations search for ways to comply effectively with the First Aid Regulations 1981.

All our trainers are only from clinical backgrounds such as Paramedics, Nurses, and the Military, with real-world experience and personal stories that put theory into practice.

All our qualifications are regulated (RQF) this ensures our training is the highest standard possible for a training provider and ensures training is in legal terms suitable and sufficient.


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