Lifeline View AED

Lifeline View Semi Auto AED the Defib machine of choice, we recommend for those needing a high-quality long lasting AED defibrillator. We think this is the best portable defibrillator you can get.

Need an Easy-to-Use AED Can You Tell Me More About the Lifeline View Semi Auto AED?

Defibtech Lifeline View Semi Auto Automated External Defibrillator with a screen that shows the user how to apply pads, in addition to verbal prompts helps the rescuer in an emergency.

Perfect for offices, worksites, and schools.

The Benefits of the View AED

  • Screen provides visual Aids
  • Verbal Aids
  • Just Push the Green button and the view is ready to help the rescuer

Defibrillators that are Built to Last

Defibtech Lifeline Semi Auto AED is built to military grade standards.

For example, if the machine is dropped by the user when responding to an emergency. The drop proof test of 1 meter reduces the risk of failure when the defib machine is needed most.

Design Features of the View AED

In an emergency simplicity is the key, press the green button and follow the instructions from the machine.

With a bright yellow body and sleek intuitive design ensures users are not put off using a external defibrillator that looks complicated in an emergency.

Durable AED with Confidence Built into The Design

Unlike other AEDs on the market there are no lids to open or break off, nothing to plug in, everything has been designed with ease in mind.

We are confident you can use the Defibtech Lifeline View Semi Auto AED in an emergency, and you should be too!

Defibtech Lifeline Auto AED the Simple to Use AED

Other defib machines can look hard to use, the Lifeline Semi Auto is an easy-to-use Semi-Automatic Defibrillator.

Push the green button and the AED will provide clear instructions to the user with additional visual cues and will advise the user when to PUSH the shock button and start or continue CPR.

Defibtech Semi Auto AED Is the Best Defibrillator to Buy

I want to know what the best defibrillator is to buy, look no further than the Ingress Protection Rating of 54.

The AED is rated 5 for protection against dust and 4 meaning protection from water splashing in all directions.

Battery and Warranty

Combined with ease of use and a battery life of up to 4 years (standard).

Combined with an 8-year limited warranty excluding battery and Pads and Self checking features means no worries.

Watch a Video of the Lifeline View Semi Auto AED

Watch our product video below to see how to use the Defibtech AED in operation.


Price includes FREE shipping UK mainland only, Highlands of Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Isles of Jersey please contact us.


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