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Workplace / FAW Course

Workplace First Aid course employers need depends on the nature of the risk that the employee is exposed to.

In the UK there are typically three types of workplace first aid course.

First Aid at Work Course 1 Day

A low-risk office, for example with minimal risk, would only need to undertake the basics of how to manage an emergency until the arrival of the ambulance or more higher trained first aiders.

Learners on the first Aid at Work course 1 day typically learn, CPR, management of bleeding, defibrillation of safe use of an AED.

This course can be accessed here

3-day first aid at work

First Aid at Work training is for any workplace that is now low risk, the employee is exposed to risks beyond that of an office, this can include building sites, manufacturing, and forestry.

Taught over 3 days first aid at work training takes the learner through the theory of first aid, the aims of first aid, through to how to manage bleeding from arteries, veins, and capillaries recognition of life-threatening blood loss, and blood loss mitigation.

Application of triangular bandage to a person in addition to how to use the products found in a first aid kit.

workplace first aid course

Additional Training

As training and life saving equipment has improved and got lighter thanks to advancements in technology, for example most workplaces will send there staff to complete either of the two types of workplace first aid course

First Aid at Work Course 1 Day or the 3 day first aid at work, however there may be further training needed for example additional training may need to be provided for those that work outside, such as forestry first Aid, or manufacturing may require training in management of catastrophic hemorrhage and the use of hemorrhage control products.

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